[PLUG] Q: Who Really Creates Linux? A: The Enterprise

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Wed Apr 2 19:03:17 IST 2008



So, while Linux does have a substantial contribution being made to it by 
amateurs, the vast bulk of it is being written by corporate programmers. 
The companies that are building Linux, in order of their contributions 
to the kernel, are:

       1) Red Hat, 11.2 percent
       2) Novell, 8.9 percent
       3) IBM, 8.3 percent
       4) Intel, 4.1 percent
       5) LF, 3.5 percent
       6) SGI, 2.0 percent
       7) MIPS Technology, 1.6 percent
       8) Oracle, 1.3 percent
       9) MontaVista, 1.2 percent
       10) Lintronix, 1.0 percent.

In addition, consultants' efforts have counted for 2.5 percent of the 
total work on Linux.


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