[PLUG] GNU/Linux on the move

Gaurav Pant gauravggs at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 12:25:27 IST 2008

>  My suggestion for the original quest... Idea/Airtel gives a constant 12 to
>  15 KBps speed. I have used it for almost 1-1/2 years.
>  Charges are approx 12 to 15 Rs/day and you can turn off the service anytime
>  with just an sms.
>  Unlimited download limit.
>  1 less device to carry.

If a person is already carrying a laptop, carrying another matchbox
size device should not be such a big deal.

And apart from that if the person wants to be online continuously, you
phone will not be busy.

Secondly the usb/pcmcia device dont need batteries, so you don't need
to recharge them.

And finally the speeds/quality of connection varies from city to city
and the time of the day you are tying to access the net.  So it will
be better if you specify where you are currently located.

As correctly said by Arun YMMV. :)

BTW I am using a Reliance Data Card (USB) (in Pune) and get speeds
from 3KBPS to 16KBPS.

Regards Dexter.

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