[PLUG] will pune join the fun? campaign for document freedom?

Linux Lingam linuxlingam at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 11:38:29 IST 2008

dear all,

have you see the buzz grow?

01. it started off with NITC hammering this open letter to TCS, Infosys, Wipro.
these students, (and potential future employees of these companies?)
demanded not just openness in software,
but transparancy in software business dealings. read the letter here:


02. then, this evening, a candle light vigil will be held in
bangalore, the IT hub of india to the world to take this further:

and here

03 meanwhile, the vidya college in thrissur also joined in:

04 anivar will hold a talk on this at barcamp bangalore

05. 57 campaigners have signed their names, and the open letter has
gone to college noticeboards:

06. The respectable Hindu newspaper has covered this news today, in
bangalore and in delhi's edition. has this hit pune's dailies?

07. finally, groklaw has picked up the news too.

with the massive student-community in pune, the foss movement's
stronghold there, and the active PLUG community, am all eager to have
you share with the world what you guys intend doing.

the overall objective:
Many Eyeballs Make Shady Dealings Impossible.


niyam bhushan

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