[PLUG] Ubuntu installation queries

Yogesh Hasabnis yhasabnis at rediffmail.com
Mon Apr 28 14:33:57 IST 2008

Hi All,

We have been using Fedora as our OS for desktop workstations. We plan to evaluate Ubuntu to check if it serves our purpose. As I visited the  Ubuntu download page, I find that there are 2 different editions, a Server Edition and a Desktop Edition. The desktop edition doesn't seem to have any servers like web server or email server. As against this the server edition doesn't come with any Window managers like Gnome or KDE.
For all the packages that are missing, I have to use apt-get or synaptic to get them downloaded from the repositories. This is quite different from Fedora, where we have the choice of selecting the server packages or desktop-related packages during installation.

Which Ubuntu flavour/edition should I download so that the installable CD will contain all the packages required for servers and desktops?

Thanks in advance.


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