[PLUG] Ubuntu installation queries

Yogesh Hasabnis yhasabnis at rediffmail.com
Tue Apr 29 00:02:13 IST 2008

Hello Vishal,

No specific reason for evaluating Ubuntu. In fact the tools that are developed in our organization are supposed to work on Red Hat/Fedora OSs only. But have a heard a lot about Ubuntu being very user-friendly. We have been using FC3 as our desktop OS till now. But since it's quite an old OS now we will be upgrading it to some newer OS.Some of the users in our team just wanted to test how good Ubuntu is as against Fedora as a Desktop OS!

Thanks everybody,


On Mon, 28 Apr 2008 Vishal Rao wrote :
>On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 3:38 PM, roupam ghosh <roupam_ghosh at vsnl.net> wrote:
> > Download the Ubuntu DVD...
>Can you post links from where to get the DVD? Is it an official DVD
>ISO made by Canonical?
>I've noticed a lot of complaints about Hardy on ubuntuforums.org,
>installations not going well, other things like networking, sound,
>graphics giving problems, random lockups. Looks like the scheduled
>8.04.1 release in July as a contingency plan was a good idea.
>Note that I've installed Hardy amd64 at home and it's working very
>well for me... although I dont want to risk installing it on my tablet
>PC just yet :-)
>My office also plans to evaluate this release, we're currently using Feisty.
>If I may ask you (Yogesh) - what's reason why you are planning to
>evaluate Ubuntu when you are currently using Fedora?
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