[PLUG] Email Server

Rajiv Gore rajiv at wsieng.com
Tue Apr 29 13:43:33 IST 2008

I have a small LAN with 1 PC running Suse 10.2 and other 2 PC's running 
Windows2003 and windows 98.
I have working samba on the lan for file and print sharing
I want suse 10.2 to work as email server and allow windows machines and their 
users to pick up/ send  mail from suse box.
Please advice how should I do this.
Thanks in advance
Rajiv Gore
Sai Links (India) Pvt. ltd
L-213 MIDC
Ahmednagar -414 111
MS, India
Tele 091-241-2778935
Fax 091-241-2423284

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