[PLUG] Need Help: Sify Vs Linux

yogesh desai yogeshc3it at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 5 15:45:18 IST 2008

seems ur using linux as gateway server for ur windows network.
try proxy or iptables(NAT) for this.

:) Yogesh

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> Subject: Re: [PLUG] Need Help: Sify Vs Linux
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> Date: Tuesday, 5 August, 2008, 2:57 PM
> > I posted this a while ago, I am facing a strange
> problem for the last 15 days. I can not browse the Internet
> though Linux, where as it works well if I do it through the
> 'now' discarded Windows XP. The problem is sometime
> Linux does connect me to the Internet. At the same time I
> can use Pidgin etc and other Bittorent clients to download
> distros, but cant browse the Internet.. Another amazing
> thing is, while I cannt open any other site, Microsoft.com
> opens in a second...so what could be the issue?
> >
> > My hardware is OK as it could connect to the net
> through Windows, My distro is OK as it does connect to net
> some times (don't forget seamless connectivity to chat
> and torrents). Also I have tried other distros, apart from
> my primary Ubuntu --- Fedora, OpenSUSE, Mandriva and many
> more...
> >
> > I have spoken to Sify guys also but they are not able
> to give any solution, what should I do? This is very
> critical...? I dont want to use Windows for a second...and
> alas...I have to use Windows to send this email....please
> help...
> Try strace on the Sify Linux CLI client.  It might give you
> some
> valuable inputs.
> -Hemant
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