[PLUG] [Commercial] Rhythm & Hues India is looking for Freshers with Linux experience

aditya awasudeo at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 14:43:16 IST 2008

Hello everyone,

Rhythm & Hues is an  Academy Award(R) winning film production studio
specializing in visual effects and computer animation. Founded in
1987, the company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Rhythm and Hues India Ltd, the Indian subsidiary of the company was
founded in 2001 and has offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad. Some of the
recent projects that we have worked on include:

The Golden Compass
Alvin and the Chipmunks
The Incredible Hulk
Mummy 3

R&H is an entirely Linux oriented facility. We use Linux across the
entire facility, both on the server side as well as on the desktop. We
focus on servicing all our technology needs in-house and invest a lot
of time in Linux systems and software development. We have also
contributed to open source projects in the past. We leverage FOSS
technologies extensively across our production process and pride
ourselves in coming up with unique solutions to overcome some of our
toughest production challenges.

The company currently has openings for the role of Operations Support
personnel. This position is ideal for freshers with some Linux
exposure who are looking to work in a challenging, high-end Linux-only

For more information on the company, check out

For more information on this position, you can visit:

If you need additional information, drop a mail to:
techjobs-ind [AT] rhythm.com

Alternatively, feel free to contact me directly. I'd be happy to
answer any questions.

Thank You
Aditya Wasudeo

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