[PLUG] trouble with mandriva

Swapnil Bhartiya arnieswap at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 13 11:04:28 IST 2008

>  after having known that mandriva is one of the best
> linux for
> >  beginners, i downloaded mandriva 2008 and tried to
> load it on my HCL
> >  laptop. but the installation freezes just after the
> welcome screen. i
> >  have checked the cd on another desktop, it works fine
> there.
> Could you give us the hardware specs of your machine
> including
> processor, graphics card, ram, disc and monitor?
> That might throw some light on the situation.
> -aditya

As Aditya Ji suggested, please give us hardware specs. I trust you have at least 512 MB RAM. Mandriva is a lovely OS, but you may also give a try to Ubuntu 8.04 -- its one of the most user-friendly GNU/Linux OS. If you need Live CD I can provide you with that.


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