[PLUG] [OT] ISPs near Wanowrie

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Wed Aug 20 19:31:18 IST 2008

> Hi
> I wanted to know about the ISPs available near Wanowrie. I stay near Jagtap
> Chauk( 10min. distance from Vishal Mega Mart).
> Please comment on the service and linux compatibility of
> 1.BSNL broadband
> 2.Airtel
> 3.Tata Indicom

I am by and large happy with Tata Indicom for handful of years now. Was having 
dial-up and switched to metro-ethernet broadband as soon as they introduced 
it. Metro-ethernet is tidy in the sense that they don't need any instrument 
(router etc.) installed in your house.

Setup on Linux used to be a mystery those days with TI requiring populating 
value of a parameter ACNAME (Access Concentrator name). (Yours truly was one 
of the few early people who "discovered" this.) Once you know this it's very 

Customer service, if you ever need, is pathetic though. They virtually shut 
their ears and minds the moment you say L of Linux. Also, if you ever call 
for a dead connection, they make you go through a long routine of "Now click 
on Control Panel and check this, that etc." and won't just listen anything if 
you don't follow that. I developed the habit of saying "yes" to every step 
they say dutifully and finally tell them it doesn't work. Only after going 
through all this customary routine they would send a technician who will do 
his things only on Windows and would typically realize the problem is 
elsewhere on the line and rectify.

Good thing is you don't come across such issues too often, fortunately.


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