[PLUG] Linux Vs Sify

Jayant Kairi jayantkairi at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 20:08:20 IST 2008

My personal experience with Sify esp Pune office has been hopeless and
no matter what u do it is most unlikely that ur problem will be
solved. at best what they did in my case, (not related to linux) was
to send a so called engineer to examine things that were clearly out
of the per view of his caliber, which to my understanding was worse
than that of a technician.

in case u have made some substantial payment upfront to them, try to
get in touch with their Chennai office where some senior people are
sensible. if you are lucky like me, you may get your money back.

all the best n cheers!!

On 8/19/08, Swapnil Bhartiya <arnieswap at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Dear friends,
> As most of you are aware of my problem with Sify. The problem has not been
> solved yet. While I can access the Internet using Windows, I cannot do the
> same with GNU/Linux distros.
> Should I not file a case with Consumer Forum? What do you suggest?
> Swapnil
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