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Sat Aug 23 14:18:49 IST 2008

Dear Plug Members,

The topic is definitely off topic, so kindly excuse.

Thought I should post, as Plug is full of young Puneites wanting a
make a positive impact on society. Please find below info about a
social initiative for betterment of the Deccan Gymkhana part of the
city and the canal garden that runs through this area. Writing to
invite you to join in.

>> http://canal-garden-friends-pune.eventbrite.com/


Over the past couple of years, the left bank canal of the river Mutha
between Prabhat, Bhandarkar and Agarkar Road has morphed from pretty
much being a dump to now a beautiful garden. The area of about six
acres now has lush green lawns, a jogging track and many trees. It's
one of the few cases where a part of Pune city has changed for the

The Pune Municipal Corporation and an NGO, Hirwaee have been jointly
running the project as yet. However maintaining the garden, caring for
the trees, keeping it clean and free from encroachments is an ongoing
challenge that requires the support of residents in the area.

It is critical that Pune citizens and especially residents from the
Prabhat, Bhandarkar and Agarkar (BMCC) Road come forward to ensure
that the garden not only sustains but also keeps getting better ever
year. With this aim has been initiated the "Friends Of The Prabhat
Bhandarkar Agarkar Road Canal Garden" program. It's an attempt to form
a team of people who care about the garden and wish to do their bit in
improving their surroundings and the city.

The first meeting of this group is scheduled for 9 am on the 24th of
August 2008 (tomorrow).
It will be held at the Prabhat Road end of the garden. Register for
the meet at http://canal-garden-friends-pune.eventbrite.com/

If you use and enjoy the garden or would like to contribute towards
improving the Deccan Gymkhana, Prabhat, Bhandarkar and Agarkar (BMCC)
Road area of the city, do try and find the time to register & attend
the meet.

You are encouraged to forward and share this info with any relevant
persons. Register for the meet at


Map / Scope - http://www.hirwaee.org/?p=13
Photos - http://www.hirwaee.org/?p=11

You might also want to look at my article about the garden - "How
Trees & Birds Grabbed Prime Land In Pune City!" -
that was published in the column I used to write for the Herald.

Harshad Oak
harshad @ rightrix . com


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