[PLUG] CMDA expo

Sudhanwa Jogalekar sudhanwa.com at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 15:24:45 IST 2008

Dear all,

The   CMDA   IT expo is over on 7th.
The number of visitors were less this year. Official number is not yet
known but it could be in the range of 35000+ footfalls.

Even if we assume just about 15% of the visitors  came to our stall,
that is also a good number.

We had 2 seminars in the expo. One by Aditya Godbole on "Linux for us"
and other was by Amit Karpe on " new trends -mobile internnet devices,
netbooks etc"

There was very good response to Aditya's seminar. The hall was
overfull and the QA went on for quite some time even after the seminar
was over. People were zapped to see the 3D desktop and other magics by

Compared to Aditya's seminar, there was less response to Amit's seminar.

Dexter (Gaurav Pant), Vinay Pawar, Sudhanwa Jogalekar, Manjusha Joshi,
Karunakar were managing our stall.  (please add names of the people if
I have forgotten to mention here)

They have also volunteered for making the CD/DVDs.
Alongwith the informative flyer, we had some "paper bookmarks" created
and we distributed them to the people. Dexter did lot of gimpwork and
made a real nice design for the CD/DVD label and also for the
bookmarks. These labels will be used henceforth for the CD/DVDs we

A PC was given by Bhaskaracharya Pratishthan for the demo at the
event. One laptop was given by Mukund Joglekar.

We will have a review/update/feedback session in the meeting this Saturday.

Except the usual poor response for volunteering, overall, we had a
successful event just like all the previous 5-6 years.

We wish to thank all the volunteers and contributors for a successful event.

(if I have missed anything, please add in the mail thread)


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