[PLUG] Logical partition

Ranjit Bhonsle ranjya at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 18:24:59 IST 2008

> Hello,
>       Can you describe your attempts to create one ? Which OS and software
> did you use, and what were the error messages (if any) ?

I used WinXP disk management. Right click unformatted space...create new
Only option is Primary...Logical and Extended are greyed out.

> Only option is a Primary partion.
> > Only option I see is make and format the partition from
> > Mandriva.
> > Anybody have any suggestions?
> > Me guess is XP cannot or will not recognise the extended
> > partition made from Linux .
> It should and, according to my experience it probably will...

It shows the partitions occupied by Linux on the extended
partition....but no option to make another Logical partition.

so what should I do....how to use the unformatted space
without making primary partitions ?


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