[PLUG] Linux fulltime training for certs

Manoj mahajan certificationguru at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 18:53:19 IST 2008

Dear all,
First let me correct my mistake, I should add [Commercial] or
[Linux-Commercial] at the start in Subject of my mail.
I tried that, and wait for 4/5 days for mail-list manager to approve. But no
success, I tried different headers, same error and wait for
approval. I was waiting for atleast 3 days for approval of my mail, and had
written about the issue to mail manager.... again no reply.
Intresting thing is here, that other companies [Commercials] posted
immediately. But not our mail..... why?
Sorry friends, this is the opensource community mailining list, you should
not held only training institutes [commercial]'s.
We are the part of the "Success that Linux is enjoying"!
We make people aware from basic to advance.
We are not here to make money only..... thats not our aim, we should get
bread & butter by utilising our knowledge.

We are also offering free seminars for beginners, which is not a small
thing. At the end of Feb: we are planning for same thing for Computer Dealrs
on Linux Installation and Configuration.

We think, you also, everyone need money to survive. We are helping you to
build the community.

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