[PLUG] teeshirt sharing idea

Linux Lingam linuxlingam at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 16:10:53 IST 2008

actually, jokes apart, you guys are stumbling across a great idea.
why don't you publish the source files of the design of the teeshirt
on your site. so anyone can paint or print or iron-on the design to
their teeshirt wherever they like?

ok, since you've started me on this (your fault) tell me, what in this
universe is NOT transparant?
isn't everything somehow transparant, depending on which part of the
electromagnetic spectrum you choose.
so what could be opaque to 'light' could be transparant to x-rays, and so on....

just drop being obsessed with what humans call 'light' and you'll see
what i mean, if you excuse the pun.

ok, endoftopic for me, you guys carry on and have fun..


niyam bhushan

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