[PLUG] Gcompris in Urdu Launched !!

ಓಂ guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 20:27:48 IST 2008

Thanks *My dear Kutti Chetan*  (that was the name of the film *chhota
Chetan* 3D, I saw in, the then, Madras when I was just staying next in
sports complex there, which now happens to NRCFOSS headQ) for your
kind Q!

if there was a another better place to meet creative genious of
www.niyam.com finely executed by Dexter Pant, wouldn't I have OSHOwed
you first?  Of-course there are places to visit, but I am tempted to
ask... have you googled first? :-)

uruG-Way!  only means *Guru's Way* just the same way *GNU's !Unix*
written in 'C'.  Hope you can!

Apologies all for the flames that this reply will generate...

I am still working on providing that indeliable lINK to the resource
you requested!

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