[PLUG] Meeting of Fedora activism

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jul 14 23:48:15 IST 2008

shirish wrote:

, he shared a
> bit about the free and open source business models (although methinks
> he could have gone a bit more depth in that)

That's probably another talk for another day.

> There was another gentleman who shared his font-packaging experience
> and issues one could have with the same. He actually went to the
> depths with hinting and glyph-set, licensing, kerning and
> anti-liasing, some of the things I have read and heard about so
> understand the processes a bit.

FYI, that was Sandeep Shedmake.

> We also had some time to talk afterwards where he shared Fedora's
> perspectives to something like what Debian/Ubuntu is doing and its an
> interesting perspective. More on that later in part 2 ;)

I doubt there is unified Fedora perspective on such matters. My opinions 
are mine alone. Thanks for passing on the info.


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