[PLUG] [x-post] neelam dhawan quitting / fired from microsoft?

Linux Lingam linuxlingam at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 03:37:55 IST 2008

dear all,

just discovered snippets of news here.

"The local unit of the No. 1 software maker announced the exit on
Friday evening after denying it for two days"

apparantly, some murky corporate wrongdoing, which has also led to a
flurry of top-level exits, as mentioned in the newspaper article


read the quoted comments on the blog here, where it all started...

an updated story, which is an interview, where neelam dhawan claims it
is a rumour.
you may also listen to the taped interview here:

TOI also covered the story, where i read it first, but i can't find that url.

the coming monday seems like a good day to read the papers....


niyam bhushan

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