[PLUG] Problem with Firefox

Sudheer Bedekar sudheerbedekar at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 14:00:36 IST 2008

I am relatively new to Linux.I use Mandriva 2008 with KDE.I have 
configured for Devanagari keyboard layout and have necessary unicode 
Devanagari fonts.I can read Marathi websites (e.g.mr.wikipedia.org) 
properly, and also type in them, using Konqueror browser.But in Firefox that comes with the Mandriva 2008,the 'jodakshar's and 
'velanti's are not displayed properly.As advised in the wiki, I 
installed Padma add-on to Firefox and configured it for Devanagari,but 
that does not solve the problem.I prefer Firefox.Is there a way out? 
(Incidently Firefox displays Marathi websites very well on Windows XP.)

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