[PLUG] Hylafaxfax

Rajiv Gore rajiv at wsieng.com
Tue Jun 24 12:38:05 IST 2008

Dear Sir,
I have installed Hylafax on Suse 10.2.
Every time I need to issue command of
 /usr/sbin/faxgetty -D /dev/ttyS0  to get start  faxgetty.
I have  following line in /etc/initab 
mo:2345:respawn:/usr/sbin/faxgetty -D /dev/ttyS0
but faxgetty doesnot start at boot up.
Please inform what is needed to  start faxgetty at boot up.

Thanks for help in advance.

Rajiv Gore
Sai Links (India) Pvt. ltd
L-213 MIDC
Ahmednagar -414 111
MS, India
Tele 091-241-2778935
Fax 091-241-2423284

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