[PLUG] Let us Discuss LinTops ( Linux Compatible Computers ) !

"आदित्य (Aditya)" laghatea at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 19:06:17 IST 2008

aniruddh katkar wrote:
> Guys are you all talking about a new platform than x86 if so then there are
> very few of them but not populer as x86
Can you clarify? All are talking only about the x86 architecture. Please 
correct if I am wrong, but the single core or dual core or  64 bit 
processors are all based on the x86 architecture!

Other architectures would be like Motorola G4 or G5 or IBM Power 
processors!! I see no reference to those made in the thread!

> if you are simply prefering AMD because you need a diversion from intel but
> i dont think thats a good idea because intel has unmatched performance as
> compared to AMD
This statement can create a war here! Kindly do not make such statements 
minus some concrete evidence.

Both the companies are competing companies, both are making profits, 
hence both manage to sell and hence both are good.



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