[PLUG] Libertine fonts - common windows fonts replacement

Chetan S cshring at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 19:46:57 IST 2008


I thought I'll share this piece of info, albeit a little old.

I for one hate installing msttcorefonts and turning on the BCI in freetype.

Part of the problem - In linux the deja vu and bitstream fonts aren't
correct replacement for arial / times new roman etc.
They are placeholders, sure, but not correct from typographical perspective.

Now check out the Libertine fonts available from RedHat.  These fonts
are a superior substitute to windows special fonts like Arial and
Times New roman.
Oh and they should be available in your fav distro by now.

The result is definitely much better to look at than fonts in windows !  :)

The real upside of this -- better and correct layouts in webpages,
documents from windows world that contain Arial fonts etc.
I saw the webpages looked more like what they look like in windows + FF


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