[PLUG] Fedora 9 (Sulphur) Released

Manas Alekar maalekar at gmail.com
Thu May 15 00:35:19 IST 2008

*This is not a smart comment.*
Why did Fedora chose to go the yum way instead of using apt with rpm ? Apt
is quite matured. I use Fedora and Debian on a regular basis, and somehow,
apt seems way mature than yum.

I can understand the spirit of doing it again, and doing it in python for
porting elegance, but it has been a long time now, and I still do not feel
as comfortable doing a yum install on a server as I feel doing a apt-get.

Then again, I might be blinded by prejudice.


PS: I realise that this is a unproductive mindless rant of a sleep deprived
individual, and basically all it does is bitch about yum. Sorry.

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