[PLUG] Request for FreeBSD 7.0

Vishal Rao vishalrao at gmail.com
Wed May 28 10:26:31 IST 2008

On Tue, May 27, 2008 at 9:40 PM, Hariprasad Govardhanam
<harigov at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Guys,
> I am looking for AMD64 version of FreeBSD 7.0 CD/DVD. Does anybody
> have it? I will be very much obliged if anybody is willing to burn a
> CD/DVD for me. I live in Kothrud, and I can come and collect the CD,
> if required.
> I am sorry if this group discourages mails requesting for CD/DVD.
> Please excuse me, if that is the case. I am too eager to try out the
> new FreeBSD release. :)
> Please reply off-list.
> Thanks & Regards,
> Hari

I feel it's not at all discouraged even though you are asking for BSD
on a Linux list :-P

In case you don't get a positive response after a few days and you
really still need it, please mention the exact ISO file
(location/version etc) you want (CD or DVD) then I will download and
burn it for you - plus it gives me an excuse to try it out myself in a
VM too :-)

You can then simply bring me a blank CD-R (or DVD-R) or the approx
cost of a blank disc (say Rs 10 for CD or Rs 20 for DVD?) to either my
house in Hadapsar (on a weekend) or my office on Dhole Patil Road (on
a weekday) and collect your copy of FreeBSD 7.

I think this is usually the same process followed here by people
exchanging Free software... alternate option I believe is to attend a
monthly PLUG meeting and make a request for a copy before the event.


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