[PLUG] [COMMERCIAL] 3rd IndicThreads.com Conference On Java Technology, Pune, India

Harshad Oak harshad.lists at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 10:06:41 IST 2008

Dear Plug members,

The 3rd IndicThreads.com Conference On Java Technology is now less
than a month away. Here's a quick update on developments.

The conference this year has sessions on Ajax, Spring, Domain Driven
Design, SOA, WebSockets, Scripting, HTML 5, Mock Objects, Java
Persistence, Agile, Lean, GWT, OpenSocial and more... The speaker list
consists of some of the most knowledgeable and reputed names in the
field. Do have a look at the conference website <
http://Conference.IndicThreads.com > for the latest list of speakers
and sessions.

Register soon to be assured of a place and also avail of the current
discounted rates. [http://conference.indicthreads.com/content/view/35/
]. Use the PLUG discount code 17970PLUG in the registration form to
get 5% off on individual registrations.

>> What's New <<
* Sessions [ http://conference.indicthreads.com/content/view/37/43/ ]
* & Speakers [ http://conference.indicthreads.com/content/view/36/42/ ]

* Refer a friend to the conference and you could win some cool goodies
[ http://conference.indicthreads.com/content/view/53/ ]

* Partner with us / The Friends of IndicThreads
[ http://conference.indicthreads.com/content/view/39/ ]

The flurry of bad news on the economy has led to some uncertainty in
the software industry. However the easiest form of protection from an
economic downturn has always been in possessing premium skills that
are rare and sought after. I believe that being a part of the
IndicThreads Conference will greatly contribute to you & your company
continuing to hold the edge over the competition.

Your thoughts, suggestions, queries and comments are most welcome at
conf at rightrix.com or write to me at harshad @ rightrix.com. I look
forward to seeing you at the conference.

Finally, here's wishing you and your family a belated happy diwali & a
wonderful year ahead.


Founder, Rightrix Solutions,
Oracle ACE Director, Sun Java Champion

3rd IndicThreads.com Conference On Java Technology, Nov 2008, India.
[ http://conference.indicthreads.com ]

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