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shirish shirishag75 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 08:56:25 IST 2008

Dear lazyweb,

Looking for a laptop.

Configuration :-

Chip and Graphics chip :- AMD-ATI (5/6/7) 00 card

Memory :-  2 GB DDR2 (upgradable upto 4 GB)

Gigabit ethernet port

Wireless  :-  Atheros 6k-9k chipset

Budget :- Between 30-50,000 INR (inclusive of all)

I looked up the Dell
but all of them are Intel-based [image:

Looking forward to comments and suggestions for the same.

Update 06/10/08 18:50 :- Forgot to add the caveat. No Windows anything, Free
DOS or Ubuntu pre-loaded or nothing at all is also good.
Another Update 06/10/08 18:55 :-  I just had a telephonic conversation with
somebody called Ravi Shankar, a Dell representative. Apparently, Dell is
fully an Intel shop. The other shocking news was that the Dell Vitros which
I had looked up, they don't sell the same in India

I wanted to send this yesterday but after work was not in any shape to write
anything hence writing it today.

         Shirish Agarwal
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