[PLUG] [Offtopic] Need info. on Internet connection options in Pune for Home office.

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> Hi All,
> Can any of you in Pune let me know possible reliable high speed
> internet access option suitable for Home office setup? I am currently
> thinking of moving to Pune and working from home office setup (if I can
> convince my employer about the infrastructure). I am mainly working on
> Open source projects (Apache) and due to build system nature (Maven
> based) I will need a reliable and decent speed Internet connection with
> possibly no Data cap.
> Any options/reviews/recommendations are welcome.
    DataOne from BSNL is one good option. You can check out the plans on
their website. But, the service and reach depends on how far you live from
the exchange.
 If you could tell us in which area you are planning to stay, pluggies
living in that area could share their experience about various providers.

Best regards,
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Hi Pranav,
Thanks for the Quick response. I am looking for the Pradhikaran Area (Sector 24 Near old RTO office to be precise). 
I had a look at BSNL web site but the bit that concern me is the Data cap and Speed. I was looking for some service with 2 Mbps with no data cap which would be reliable since my work totally depend on it.


Ulhas Bhole


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