[PLUG] Code Camp updates

Aditya Godbole aag.lists at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 14:12:03 IST 2008


Over the past 2 weeks a few of us have been working in the background
to get things moving for the code camp. Initially we had decided to
restrict the number of problem statements to 2. However we felt that
by doing so we might end up keeping away quite a few potential
participants. Hence we have decided to allow any number of problem
statements to be tackled, as long as it is a serious effort.

There also seems to be a misconception that this is some sort of an
'event' that is being 'managed' by 'PLUG'. Quite like the
misconception the the 'Government' is responsible for running the
'country'. This is not going to be an event where a few people will
swoop down from different places and give you some gyan. This is an
event where you, in your individual capacity, have to make things
happen. This event is for you to get together with a few like-minded
and come up with something constructive. The 'organisers' will just
provide a few facilities and try their best to keep things from
getting in the way of your main task. Things like creating a wiki to
enable you to discuss. The wiki is at http://www.plug.org.in/wiki. You
can follow the 'Code camp' link and see whether you find anything
interesting. If you don't find anything interesting, but have
something interesting to propose to others, and have the drive to take
it to the end, then you can add it to the wiki.

So, here are a few facts:
1. The Venue is confirmed: Bhaskaracharya Prathishthan (http://bprim.org).
2. Dates: 22nd November 0900 hrs to 23rd November 1000 hrs.
3. Provision for overnight stay for at least 12 people has been
confirmed (if you wish to hack away through the night)

Also, its improbable that you think of something a couple of days
prior to the event and successfully finish it on the day. Generally a
lot of groundwork is needed to even freeze on a good problem
definition. I would suggest that anyone who is interested should start
_now_. Start discussing on the wiki, start exploring, and start coding
_now_. The idea is that on 23rd November we have something
substantial, usable and useful to show. i wonder whether the
'community' is capable of doing that.


PS: Please feel free to post this on other relevant lists as well.

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