[PLUG] Connect Internet With Nokia N70 on Ubuntu

Mangesh Ghatol mangeshghatol at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 15:18:23 IST 2008

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> I have Nokia N70, with Airtel GPRS activated. Can someone please suggest
> how
> to connect it through Ubuntu 8.04 to access the Internet.
> Regards
> Swapnil
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Hi Swapnil,

I suggest you a software which I have been using by 1 year. That is GPRS
Easy Connect.It's URL http://www.easyconnect.linuxuser.hu/  or direct
download link http://www.gprsec.hu/downloads/gprsec.tar.bz2 . download and
extraxt it. Further installtion procedure is mentioned README file
which contained in "gprsec.tar.bz2", a compressed archive. Note that you
will have download dependency software to run the GPRS Easy Connect. Please
follow the procedure, mentioned in README file.

After that you will find you have got a best in class Linux OS Internet
connecting Tool.
"GPRS Easy Connect" ability to make connection by Serial Cable (COM Port),
Infrared, Bluetooth through different types of brands like Nokia, LG,
Samsung, Sony-Erricson, etc.

Be Happy!

Mangesh Ghatol

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