[PLUG] Fedora 9 valued at $10.8B

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Thu Oct 23 19:19:15 IST 2008


A report from Linux Foundation...


"Have you got some loose change in your pocket, and dreams of building a 
better operating system? It would take about 25 years, nearly 60,000 
developer-years, and $10.8B to re-create a distribution like Fedora 9, 
according to a new report from the Linux Foundation. "

"The Foundation chose Fedora 9, even though it is smaller than some 
other Linux distributions, because Fedora uses open source software 
exclusively, with the aim of creating a completely redistributable 
operating system. Thus, using Fedora 9 is a good way to limit the scope 
of the study to "open source only" software."


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