[PLUG] Console switching keystrokes and X11 behavior

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Sat Sep 6 23:03:38 IST 2008

Is there any way to treat X session as if it were just another console session 
as far as console switching keys are concerned?

For example one can cycle through all terminals using Alt-RightArrow. However 
once one reaches X11 session it starts responding to the keys differently 
annoyingly breaking the cycle - forcing you to release the keys first and 
press Ctrl-Alt-Fn only to go to a specific terminal.

Also, as soon as you reach X11 session in this sequence, it X server starts 
interpreting the key you pressed to reach here. For example if you reached 
here by Ctrl-Alt-F7, a moment of delay in releasing the key and X will start 
sending F7 keystroke to the application that got focused.

I read about ways to skip X11 from this sequence. But I need X as I need to 
switch back and forth between some console and X applications. Just want it 
to respond the same way terminals do as far as switching is concerned.

Any layer where X servers reserved keystrokes can be overridden etc.?


A related question: I can avoid this problem altogether by not starting X at 
all if I have a framebuffer client for a specific application I want to use. 
I am looking for a dvi viewer that works with framebuffer. Read about dvifb. 
Not available on Fedora. Did not succeed in compiling it either.

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