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Fri Dec 11 09:35:07 IST 2009

Forwarding w/o prejudice.

-- Arun Khan

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Subject: [LIH] ILUGD Mailing list
Date: Friday 11 Dec 2009
From: Raj Mathur <raju at linux-delhi.org>
To: linux-india-help at lists.sourceforge.net


Due to an unfortunate Ubuntu upgrade on the mail server, the ILUGD 
(Linux-Delhi) mailing list got wiped out a couple of days back.  We 
(Kishore Bhargava and I) are trying to recover as much of the subscriber 
list as possible; however, if you were subscribed earlier, please re-
subscribe by sending a mail to:

  mailto:ilugd-request at lists.linux-delhi.org?subject=subscribe

with the word "subscribe" (without the "quotes") as the subject of the 

If you know other people who were subscribed, please help us by passing 
the word around, on other regional mailing lists, etc.


-- Raju
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