[PLUG] Need Help Regarding GPL

Devendra Laulkar devendralaulkar at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 28 21:27:29 IST 2009


>    1. Can i change logo and/or softwarename
> of a Open Source software (of
>    course after customization)?


>    2. The credit to the of software has to
> go to the original community,
>    which can be managed in help & code
> files, is it compulsory that original
>    community's name should be displayed on
> visible locations (like home page or
>    footers etc.)?

Yes, you have to give credit back to the original community. You will also have to state the changes that you have made to the code. I think the best way would be to retain the name of the community wherever it already exists.

Debian community re-branded Mozilla Firefox and packages it as IceWeasel. See [1] for more details.(although note that its not GPL) As usual, this is not legal opinion, I am not a lawyer.

-Devendra Laulkar.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mozilla_Corporation_software_rebranded_by_the_Debian_project


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