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> your reporting of happenings are good for a vegetable like me... but
> they do not get high grade if i apply these rules analogically to
> them...
> in short.... keep up the good work... there is a scope for improvement.

Dear Mr. Vegetable (just kidding) ,
 while I'm fully in agreement as to there is scope for improvement, I
am all ears for tips .

Having said that, lemme also say  that the post I made, I
self-censored 80% of the stuff I wanted to say/share.

An argument could be made that the 20% I used as material could have
been something different/better but as I do not know what sort of
people are reading and what would they like to read ( I know I know, I
should set up a poll) I can only use my intuition for the same.

Btw here's a lengthier day 2 coverage of the same :P ;)

          Shirish Agarwal
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