[PLUG] Regarding Linux Exposure in College

Abhishek Nagar abhishek at nagarji.net
Sat Feb 28 20:51:04 IST 2009

Good to see your site which is in line with http://gnunify.in :)

Abhishek Nagar

On 2/28/09, Arun Tomar <tomar.arun at gmail.com> wrote:
> hi!
> On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 9:34 AM, Abhishek Sharma
> <emote2abhishek at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello Plug memebers,
>>   This is Abhishek Sharma. T.E Comp, MIT,Pune
>>   I met u guys at the Plug meeting in GNUNIFY. And discussed the situation
>> in Colleges and also about the user's group that we had started.
> Good to know that you guys have started gaining knowledge on linux &
> open source softwares. In my opinion, rather than creating too many
> mailing list & groups, you should stick with plug mailing list, as
> there are a lot of experienced/enthusiastic/talented people already on
> the group. The idea is not to reinvent the wheel again, but to take
> help of the existing stuff & move ahead.
>>    We have had some sessions for the students regarding Linux. The next
>> session that we are going to conduct would be "Hands installation of
>> Linux"
> There is so much to learn in linux that you would have never imagined.
> After working on linux for the last 7 yrs I still feel that I'm just
> on the tip of the iceberg.
>>     You guys can check out - www.mcug.org.in
>>  We have not completed the website totally but suggestions and feedback's
>> are most welcome.
> do some good open source projects that r needed when you are on
> internships or projects, that will help you to understand the
> technology & will help the open source community at large.
>>   We would be highly happy to receive help from u guys.
>> Abhishek Sharma
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> Regards,
> Arun Tomar
> blog: http://linuxguy.in
> website: http://www.solutionenterprises.co.in
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