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Thu Feb 12 01:57:58 PST 2009

developers, administrators and students working on many platforms
(Linux being their favourite) who participate actively in the PLUG
meetings. And there are folks who are entrepreneurs, application
architects, students who attend Pune Tech meetings.

However in the discussion, the focus should be on the offer Mr.
Kalsare has made - to teach Javascript and other languages. This is an
excellent idea and the PLUG is an excellent platform for technology
education since it has a participation of hands-on geeks - developers
and administrators who dive into a variety of topics all the way from
web development to the operating system.

I would urge the technology community in Pune to work together and
focus on leveraging all platforms as applicable and not descend into
bickering about what could be - such as losing a venue or losing an
audience or losing the speaker.

So I would propose more joint activities by the two organizations
where excellence in technology learning is the focus.

The PLUG as well as the Pune Tech Group both fulfill important roles
in the local technology community - so it is important for both to
work together and not fragment the community.

My two cents....
Alolita Sharma

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