[PLUG] [ Trainings ] KQinfotech launches post graduate diploma in system programming

Neependra Khare neependra.khare at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 20:18:28 IST 2009

Hi all,

KQInfotech launches "Post Graduate Diploma in System Programming",
(PGDSP)for the people looking for making a career in the system

It is a program in "Gurukul" tradition of education. There are two unique
features of this program.

   - Cost: Your education does not depend on your capacity to pay. This
   course is effectively free. Your education gets paid by your work during
   this program.
   - Work experience: You are also getting real industry work experience
   during your education. During this course, you will get one year worth
   industry experience.

Does working in Linux Kernel, writing device drivers for Unix and Windows,
writing system level programs that interacts closely with operating system
interests you? But you don't have right skill sets for this.

KQInfotech is lead by people who have spend decades working in the area of
file system, kernel programming, Linux kernel etc. They are ready to educate
you in "Art of System Programming". Are you ready for all the hard and
interesting work required?

It is a unique post graduate program for one year, which would provide you
education as well as work experience. This program will cover Unix
internals, Linux kernel programming, Multi-threading, Windows internals,
Writing device drivers etc.

Please visit http://www.kqinfotech.com/pgdsp.html for more details.


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