[PLUG] Ubuntu 8.10 GRUB problem - only shows memtest option

Ulhas Bhole bholeulhas at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 16 22:51:17 IST 2009

Hi Mandar,
I haven't followed the whole thread but if you are not keen on Windows loader to load Linux what you can do is change the boot flag. Currently you windows partion will have a boot flag active which you can change and mark your /dev/sda6 active (boot flag). you can do this by booting into Live CD/DVD and using gparted or if you are fan of commandline utility then you can use fdisk but it is bit risky there and you need to be sure about what you are doing with FDISK. 

Grub anyway should have your windows entry so you can use Grub to dual boot. To be honest I tried 2-3 times in past to configure windows boot loader to load Linux but failed all the time and gave up. Change active boot partition is much easier.

I hope this helps.


Ulhas Bhole

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> There are NO /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.27* files :(
> *Neither* on /boot of LiveCD as well (from where I started the installer)

> Don't you have an OS installed? It seems you are trying it on LiveCD.
> I presumed that you have Ubuntu installed, and GRUB is not displaying
> proper options. The solution is not going to work unless you have an
> OS installed.

Original problem is about the installed OS, that is why details like
/dev/sda6 and mention of GRUB being on /dev/sda6 rather than on MBR.

Mention of LiveCD may have confused you, but my intention was that vmlinux
is missing from LiveCD *as well*.

Here are the steps I did :

1. Boot from DVD shipped with LFY Dec 208
2. Select "Ubuntu Live" environment
3. When booted into Live env. selected "Install"
4. Pointed to /dev/sda6 as root, provided a small partition for "swap"
5. In Boot loader dialog, clicked "Advanced" and asked GRUB to be installed
on /dev/sda6 instead of MBR
6. Let the installation finish.
7. Copied first 512 bytes of /dev/sda6 using "dd" command into file
8. Copied "ubuntu.bin" onto "C:"
9. Edited C:\boot.ini, and added entry "C:\ubuntu.bin="Ubuntu 8.10"
10. Rebooted, selected "Ubuntu" from Windows Bootloader
11. Got "only" memtest option

I hope you clarifies the problem.

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