[PLUG] Help to Recover Deleted 3gp file from a memory card

Shrinivasan T tshrinivasan at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 18:42:46 IST 2009


I wrote an article on recovering deleted files from a memory card at

After reading this a reader Firoz from pune mailed me to help to
recover some 3gp files
from his memory card.

Firoz is a very normal windows user and he could not install linux or
follow the article.

Here, we need a person to help him.

A linux known person who can read that article and  install the told software
and recover the deleted files for him.

Ubuntu has all the software needed.

He is trying me to do the same.
As I live in chennai, can not do remote actions.

He is willing to come to chennai for this recovery action.

I promised him that Pune has plenty of linux lovers who can help for him.

It will be so nice if any of you read that article and contact him
and recover the deleted 3gp file.

Here are the contact details.

firozazizshaikh786 at yahoo.com

Thanks a lot friends.


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