[PLUG] Printing on a linux network

Rajiv Gore rajiv at wsieng.com
Fri Jan 30 10:11:09 IST 2009

On Thursday 29 January 2009 21:59, Arun Tomar wrote:
> you can print directly to ur network printer & access it also. if u
> could specify the make & model then i could help you more. but for
> some hints, if its an hp network printer u can access it directly via
> ipp protocol & it generally listens to port 9100. if you've given ur
> printer a specific ip then u can access it's interface via ur web
> browser to change/modify settings.
I am using Samsung ML 1610 printr which is attached to Suse 10.2 which works 
as a SAMBA server
I have not given any ip address to the printer as it doesnot Have NIC. It is 
connected to Suse Box.
Thanks for help
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