[PLUG] How to recover GRUB on MBR

Pankaj Kumar pankaj at glug4muz.org
Sun Jul 5 19:18:31 IST 2009

Hi all,
 Initially on my system Windows Xp and Open SUSE 11 was installed. The menu to 
switch between these two operating systems was appearing with the help of 
GRUB boot loader. Yesterday I reinstalled Windows Xp due to some problem in 
it. Now GRUB is not appearing. So I am unable to boot into Open SUSE 11. I 
know that Open SUSE 11 is still installed in one of the partition of my hard 
disk. But as MBR has been overwritten by Windows Xp and so I am not able to 
boot into Open SUSE 11. So please tell me how to recover GRUB on MBR? I will 
remain thankful to you all for this forever.

Best Regards ...
Pankaj Kumar

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