[PLUG] Joomla install

Devendra Laulkar devendra at swargalok.net
Tue Jul 7 19:28:11 IST 2009

>>> You probably dont have php-mysql package installed.
> Some questions:
> 1.will this installation screw my databases?
> 2.will this screw my existing php and apache installation?
Probably not. Depends upon how you have installed PHP/Apache. If you 
have used the existing packages, then it will not mess with your setup.

> 3.how do i install that package becoz it seems when i try to install that
> package(php-mysql-5.2.9-2.fc10(i386)), Add/Remove application says cannot
>    connect to the internet even if i m  well connected(and this happens for
> everything else i try to install, like Xchat-gnome,etc).
Are you connected to the Internet ? Do you have any firewall settings 
enabled ? Have you configured the repositories correctly ?

-Devendra Laulkar.

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