[PLUG] Issue of "mknod failed" messages

Amey Modak ameymodak at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 10 22:25:40 IST 2009

I am working on a product which is in IP Routing domain. This product has a   web based UI for doing some configurations. We have this product running on Linux (FC5) & we use  Apache httpd version 2.2.2. 
My problem is whenever I try to access any page from the web UI, I get following message in /var/log/messages as many as 5-6 times :
Jul 10 09:18:20 localhost scsi_id[26712]: create_tmp_dev: mknod failed: Permission denied.
I am not able to get around this problem as I am not able to figure out from where & how this message is coming.
This could be problem specific to the product but I am posting it here thinking that someone might have got similar scenario & can point to something useful.
Does anyone has an idea in what situations this message can come?

Thanks & Regards,
Amey Modak

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