[PLUG] running tally on linux

steve steve at lonetwin.net
Fri Jul 10 18:21:28 IST 2009


jayant ogale wrote:
> hi,
> when advocating for linux o.s.,in the business world, all the time, i
> am facing the question of running tally on linux. i was listening to the
> news of tally coming with a linux version.[but i do not think so].
> so i can think of two options for me.
> 1] to run tally with crossover in xandros.
> or
> 2] to run it with wine in mandriva.

There was recently (last month, IIRC) some talk going on mumbai's ilug-bom list 
about the need for a tally replacement and somebody mentioned GNUKhata,

 From the page: "GNUKhata is a Free Accounting and Inventory Software which can 
be deployed by both profit making and non-profit making organisations. "

...that might be worth a look.

- steve

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