[PLUG] squid tips

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Sat Jul 11 17:51:33 IST 2009

Can squid proxy be set up as a sub-proxy of an MS proxy server.

The cache_peer option in squid does that. But the issue is mainly with 
authnetication. The constraint is the client must authenticate with the MS 
Proxy (I think using NTLM). Can the intermediate squid act as a postman for 
such authentication? (i.e. a client that does not understand NTLM 
authneticates itself with squid and squid in turn does NTLM authentication 
with MS Proxy on its client's behalf.) Another constraint is no user 
id/password should be hard coded in squid conf files.

Such a need arises due to some applications not being able to authenticate 
themselves with MS proxy. (Eclipse for one. Seems, generally an issue with 
Java applications. Read this is due to some licensing issues. Anyway, I am 
_not_ seeking suggestions on how to make java apps work with MS proxy even if 
that were possible. Rather seeking to wrap such apps under squid.)


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