[PLUG] squid tips (Mayuresh)

Dhirendra Singh Kholia dhiru.kholia at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 14:04:00 IST 2009

> From: Mayuresh <mayuresh at acm.org>
> Can squid proxy be set up as a sub-proxy of an MS proxy server.
> The cache_peer option in squid does that. But the issue is mainly with
> authnetication. The constraint is the client must authenticate with the MS
> Proxy (I think using NTLM). Can the intermediate squid act as a postman for
> such authentication? (i.e. a client that does not understand NTLM
> authneticates itself with squid and squid in turn does NTLM authentication
> with MS Proxy on its client's behalf.) Another constraint is no user
> id/password should be hard coded in squid conf files.

Give http://cntlm.sourceforge.net/ a try.


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