[PLUG] Combining two ISP connections to increase bandwidth?

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Wed Jul 22 22:12:40 IST 2009

Fed up of downtime of my ISP and having heard the same stories about another 
ISP operating in the area, I am wondering whether it's possible to subscribe 
to both of them for redundancy.

However, it won't be an economical proposition if used only for redundancy. 
Also, as a home user there are no multiple simultaneous users. So only way 
both connections would get utilized (when both are up!) and give value for 
money is if for a single user they both could serve in tandem. In other words, 
let's say I have both connections of 128 kbps, I should get an effective 
download speed of 256kbps for download of even a SINGLE file (and not multiple 
files simultaneously).

To the extent I searched around, it looks difficult or impossible. I think it's 
a reasonable consumer expectation, though do not know about its feasibility.

Any ideas?


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