[PLUG] Help in LDAP

Ashwin Tumma ashwin.tumma23 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 19:55:42 IST 2009

Hello, we are setting up our college department labs with Ubuntu 8.04/8.10
We have also included LDAP(Open-LDAP-2.4.16 ) in the setup.
For that, we created user accounts for  all the students. (By setting up a
server, adding users there and then mounting a directory from the server to
the client machines. By this the clients now have their HOME directories
'Moodle' is also a part of our requirement, and we want to integrate Moodle
with LDAP.
The above thing is accomplished, but the problem we are facing is regarding

- For the first time, when we login to a user account, it works fine.
(Graphical Login also works well). Moodle accounts also work well with the
default password that we had set., but later when any user changes password
using the 'passwd' command,the user login succeeds but  the Moodle login

We have been trying this for long, but didnt get any successful results.
What shall I look into? Please help.

Ashwin Tumma
T. Y . B. Tech (Computer)
College of Engineering,Pune

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