[PLUG] Touchpad from Elantech not working on ubuntu 9

Devendra Laulkar devendra at swargalok.net
Thu Jul 23 15:26:40 IST 2009


> My touchpad is not working on the laptoop. I am new to linux.

Maybe you can try switching back to Ubuntu 8.10. Has it stopped working 
only on Ubuntu 9.04 ?

Bit of a rant -
For some reason, overall 9.04 has caused me a lot of headache. Things 
just used to work under Ubuntu 8.10
I did a fresh install to Kubuntu 9.04, but it was way to slow. Kubuntu 
also fried a Nvidia graphics card.
It installed correctly, and when I booted up, it was recommending a 
proprietary driver for Nvidia. The moment I installed the driver, it 
fried the card.
Problems with networkmanager. There is a bug in the Intel's graphics 
card driver, which make Xorg consume way too much CPU (and hence drains 
the battery on my laptop)

Overall, 9.04 has been problematic enough for me to switch back to 
trusty old 8.10

-Devendra Laulkar.


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